Access to Black Sea Information

1. Operational monitoring in the Black Sea The focus of ASCABOS is primarily on operational observation/monitoring of the Black Sea. Therefore the resources have been used to improve the population of the Black Sea EDIOS directory (European Directory of the Ocean observing System), for which a dedicated webportal has been created. This directory provides an inventory of the available Observation / Monitoring Programmes and Networks, as well as the regular stations for these programmes, that the ASCABOS partners operate on a regular basis in their countries.

Please visit this directory at:
to get access and to view data from monitoring systems and networks in the Black Sea region.

2. Marine research and datasets in the Black Sea

Almost at the same starting date as the ASCABOS project another project was funded by the EU - BlackSeaScene (see This infrastructure project can be considered as a satellite project to SeaDataNet, strengthening the capability and resources of Black Sea partners to contribute to SeaDataNet, thereby mobilizing many local institutes. The SeaDataNet is a pan-european infrastructure that provides direct access to marine datasets, as well as to supporting information directories. These directories contain information on marine research projects, active organizations (“blue” pages), research cruises etc.

For more information on BlackSeaScene please visit:

An important aim of BlackSeaScene is to construct and operate a dedicated Black Sea portal on top of the SeaDataNet infrastructure providing access to the Black Sea datasets, research organizations, cruises etc. In addition it has also developed metadatabases for Scientists, Bibliography, Socio-Economic data and marine biological data. For immediate access to these products visit: