The ASCABOS action plan is broken down into 5 work packages which follow the logical phases of the Specific Support Actions according to the two types of activities: specific and management activities. Each WP is linked to one of them and is also closely bound with a specific project objective. The main milestones are listed below.

WP1: Co-ordination, management and dissemination

Task 1.1. Project Management.
Task 1.2. Organisation of meetings.
Task 1.3. Project monitoring and quality control.
Task 1.4. Dissemination of project activities and achievements.
Task 1.5. Web-Page set-up.

WP2: Communication

Task 2.1. Surveying and evaluation of recent changes in the communication facilities.
Task 2.2. Supplying, installation and setting-up of the equipment.
Task 2.3. Establishing of connections and join test data transfer.
Task 2.4. Elaboration of data exchange technology.
Task 2.5. Long-term application, maintenance and improvement of the communication system to reliably serve the forecasting and data base management system.

WP3 - Expertise

Task 3.1. Development of a web-based preliminary package of educational materials and publication on the WEB-page of an extended and validated version.
Task 3.2. Selection of the participants on the basis of test results - young scientists and representatives of different end user groups.
Task 3.3. Preparation of lectures and training programme for courses especially dedicated to young scientists.
Task 3.4. Implementation of training course programme for young scientists.
Task 3.5. Preparation of lectures and training programme for courses especially dedicated to wide range of other end-user groups.
Task 3.6. Implementation of training course programme for the end-users.

WP4 - Datanet

Task 4.1. Validation of the metadata records related to the Black Sea region.
Task 4.2. Development of prototype of Regional Black Sea Information system.
Task 4.3. Fully operational Portal system easy to be used and updated.

WP5 Cross-section

Task 5.1. Development of concept for observational programme specifying the most appropriate ship routes and equipment needed for implementation.
Task 5.2. Optimizing the frequency of observations conforming to forecasting system needs through realization of short trial cruises.
Task 5.3. Set-up of a VOS database.
Task 5.4. Training of personnel to implement observations.